April 17th 2019


As I write to you, today it is April 17th 2019.  Today is significant for me as it is my 100th straight day of Ceremony this year. On this morning, after waking at 2:30am and completing my morning preparations for the day, I chose to listen to Yo-Yo Ma play the Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1 in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The reason I chose this solo cello piece is obvious to me, it blends my love of sound with my love of the Cello. I find there is delicate and delicious appreciation that comes with any excellent sound, which speaks of a synergetic relationship between the instrument and artist, intention and movement.  As Yo-Yo Ma played I could feel him listening to the instrument sustain notes deep within the wood and the body of the cello, and then he layered other tones upon them. In my mind’s eye I see the bow caressing the strings, allowing them to sing out as he moved to other strings, exciting them into song. I appreciated that, as a solo artist, there is nowhere to hide, and whatever he created would be applied to him.

I anticipate that the cello played was Yo-Yo Ma’s famed Davido Stradivarius, previously owned by British cellist Jacqueline du Pré.  I say “anticipate” because I read that though she loved the cello, she found it had some unique tendencies that made it hard to play at times.  Yo-Yo Ma recognized that it was a Baroque style cello and plays only Baroque pieces on it. It further suggests to me that Yo-Yo Ma saw the original divine design of the cello and embraced its origins and as such a new synergetic relationship was formed. The cello is truly a piece of art, crafted by famed master Luthier Antonio Stradivari of Italy in 1712.  It is and has been appreciated as an incredible gift of sound. So this cello, created by the hands of a master, becomes in itself a master, and in the hands of another master, this piece of mastery, this cello, is exalted and honoured. Whew, what a sentence. Now the importance of all of this is that the Cello Suite No.1 in G was written or so it’s believed, in 1717-1723, during the Baroque era. Yo-Yo Ma’s cello needs a master to woo those delicate harmonics from its perfection. This morning he did so.

To bring things into perspective, I played the cello for years when I was younger and I was pretty good. I wasn’t 1st chair, at my best I was 3rd.  Back then I had many passions, yet my love of the cello helped me to develop a full and rich appreciation for a cello played well, to see and hear what is possible in the hands of a Master. Since that time I have also developed an appreciation of the sounds of truth, spoken joyfully or less than so by an incredible creation of Divine design, through the words that are shared. This ability to recognize the gift in another, to stand in amazement, bearing witness as someone shares and develops his or her amazing talent, inspires me. For I know that within each one of us, there is a Master, our Higher Self, waiting to be expressed.

Here, is where we come to the point, you are a sacred instrument created by a Divine Master. You are also a Master consciousness here to embrace life. I believe you are infinitely greater than the illusion you once believed was true. I appreciate my role is to help the intention and the expression, instrument and master, see beyond what seems like a blind spot, a disconnect. It may help to know that from my perspective, as Divine light radiates from pure consciousness it comes in contact with different levels of awareness until finally it meets this physical realm. Within that radiant light are many strands of separate consciousness and one of those strands is you. The point where that consciousness meets the physical world is what you call your body, your sacred instrument. Our Higher Self is a point just before the light meets the physical and it understands why you are here and why now. When embraced, it becomes our inner knowing that offers insight into the physical part of our life. Here in the physical, as light meets our realm it fragments, very similar to pure white light passing through a prism. To us the coloured strands are noticeable (chakras) and they kind of make sense, yet on the other side of the prism the light is crystal clear. This is why each morning, as the sun rises, wherever you are, I meet with you to seek the clarity on the other side of the crystal, to ultimately embrace a truth about you. It is here that the inner master shares the perfect harmonics of truth that resonate throughout the physical self. This is why every person who’s attended 40Days is encouraged to recognize their personal mastery and let it sing out, to be both Master and the Instrument of Peace in their life, and then share with others.

Lastly, the best part of this morning’s pre-call preparations was Yo-Yo Ma and the Davido completed their dance of sound leaving me only a few seconds of silence, delicious rapture, before my chime told me to start my daily calls.

Perfect, I thought. I’m ready.

As I write you now I can still hear Yo-Yo Ma’s cello singing in my mind. It is reminding me of something quite profound, something amazing. Oh yes I remember,

We live in amazing times.