Personal Sound Ceremony

Every day by appointment

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This is just what it sounds like.
In just 90 minutes you will be transported from a world of distraction to one of quiet contemplation. This is a purposeful ceremony that blends intention with, meditation techniques, intuitive guidance and of course, sound. In our lives we may find a particular thought plaguing us, Personal Ceremony is the release from it. Together, a half hour is dedicated to intuitive guidance as we morph your concerns into healthy new outcomes. Sound as you know can relax, relaxation is known as healing. As sound begins around you Bowls are placed and played upon you and around you. The sound portion of the Ceremony becomes the flower bed in which your new intentions can grow.

Heart Offering $150 Cdn.

Pure Sound

Every day by appointment

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This is 60 minute Personal Ceremony is with you and up to 50 Singing bowls, Chimes and Gongs. As you rest on a healing table the ceremony begins with your intention(which can be a simple as deep rest), and the bowls come to life around you, over you and even on you. While there may be moments where a melody or pattern may emerge, this is mainly just sound being shared in an intuitive manner. This Ceremony is often referred to as a day at the spa, in just one hour.  Snoozing permitted.

Heart Offering $97

Group Sound Ceremony

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Where two or more are gathered.....
Group Ceremony is offered regularly in many places in Ontario and internationally. Each attendee is invited to bring their intention and join a group in quite meditation with sound. Like Personal Sound Ceremonies the bowls are an intricate part of the event. The Ceremony usually begins each person receiving a piece of Birch or Prayer Bundle as they sit or lays upon a yoga mat. As the sound begins, people often move to a laying down position as the bowls move from the Alcove (wooden structure that supports gongs and chimes), out into the room, filling the entire room with sound without the need of amplifiers. Some bowls will be placed even be played upon participants.  Some ceremonies complete with an anointing oil (your personal preference is respected), placed on your third eye.

Heart Offering as per event.

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Debbie Danbrook

Normally Debbie and alternate each month between Ottawa and Oakville/Toronto, however I am out of country right now. Please visit Debbie in one of her events, it’s so worth it.


Every other month I have the distinct honour to share in Group Ceremony with Debbie Danbrook. I know her as "Queen of the Pixies" and others know her as (and for very good reason) as a gifted Flutist. Debbie is regarded as one of the first Female Masters in the art of the Shakuhachi flute and Suizen ( Blowing Zen) and if her rich tones and soft wind notes aren't enough, her voice is angelic. Together we step into our own meditation and allow that guidance to direct us in Sound. It is a wonderful 90 minutes.

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Heart Offering as per event.

Connect with your Bowl

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As a Bowl player, I am often told how someone has a bowl and doesn't know how to play it. There are also many bowls languishing on shelves waiting to join their stewards in meditation. For such a simple instrument it's amazing how playing them well can be daunting.  Especially Metal Bowls.  This 6 hour class is offered to take your relationship deeper than you thought possible. These bowls are subtle communicators that share a the sensations of a room, people or buildings.  Many have sought these classes to deepen their spiritual practice, or, even add a new dimension to their healing practice.  If you are learning and have yet to find you personal bowl, mine will be available for the class.

Heart offering  for Ottawa $224

In Concert

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As well as Debbie Danbrook, I also share in ceremony with healers such as Lisa Virtue and Dannielle Ayotte. Both bring their special gifts to Personal Ceremony and add a wonderful and surprising level to Ceremony. Lisa shares in Angel Connecting Healing and Dannielle, shares her gifts with healing gifts through Aroma Touch Therapy. Dannielle is also Metis woman, a lodgekeeper, a peoples' pipe carrier and a Mesa carrier as well as a Healing with Horses practitioner.

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