40 Days

Every day

There is always a possiblity

There is always a possiblity

Welcome to your life.
Now imagine someone energetically walking beside you, asking the good question.  I do this because I believe that each of us possess an untapped potential. This gift isn't hiding either and for reasons born in some past belief you may be finding excuses easier than walking your path. So each day for 40 days, first thing in the morning, we will talk and connect to bring this resource to the surface of your life.  Each morning we meet via phone, early before a busy world can step in and distract you from what is important. Each path I have walked in concert with others has been an honour, personal and very different. Each person has been offered a personal and unique experience. The calls themselves range in duration from 60 to 90 minutes daily and usually include one or parts of; supportive and rebuilding conversations, non-denominational prayer,  body upgrade meditations, lucid dream work, guided meditations and intuitive guidance.   As of November 2017 over 1300 hours have been shared in 40 Days daily ceremonies.

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Personal Ceremony

by appointment


This Personal Ceremony is best seen as an energetic walk in the park. Together we verbally walk into the presenting issue to unveil and  delicately uncover the roots of what you are experiencing. When we reveal the deeper meaning into why it is showing itself, then together we can move into the truth. This Ceremony is about you knowing you are greater than the person you once thought you were. It is about you standing strong in a truth, then allowing that truth to support you as you move forward.

Heart Offering $150

Tree Of Life.

These classes are presently full.

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When first looking at the 10 + 1 Sephora of  the Tree of Life, there is something is very familiar as it seems to call forward a forgotten knowing. As these teachings (in their many forms), have been around for 1000's of years it possible you have may have known them before. Most that attending classes these do so because they are looking to remember more than learn something new. Others come because they have heard how over the 1 year, or up to 4 years of teachings, they have found a life course that reaches new levels of understandings for them. These teachings were originally a verbal sharing so it is only natural that they would have many branches, each seeking light. Our journey together will explore many of them, though we will stay to course outline. Each class that comes together blends and shares as a soul group.  Each group broadens the scope of what is being shared and together we deepen the teachings. Personal one to one classes are also available, where group shares a broad awareness, personal targets and supports your personal growth. Your group becomes the whole world.



It is written in the stars! I love Astrology. I love the ability to explore ourselves in relationship to those around us. It helps us understand why will choose to do or not do something. We know Naysayers have a field day with Astrology and I must confess that there is enough confusing information out there to fuel their claims. I consider myself lucky though. I see something different. You see Astrology is very good at telling you what energies are  "presenting" at any given time and shows what trends of what is likely to occur. However, while it can suggest, it can't allow for free will choice. If a perfect set of energies are presenting for you and you choose not to engage them, they pass. Yes, they will return again, though a little different next time. Astrology will tell you when. After literately 1000's of years of celestial observations peoples from all over the world have refined it to be a pretty good system.  Each student has been amazed by what can be revealed about themselves.  

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Readings by appointment

While it is my preference to teach you what your chart has to offer,  there are times when a deeper reveal is required or perhaps a fresh perspective. This is also great for those looking to experience what Astrology has
to offer them.   With the advantage of our technologies, these calls can be done over the phone. I will need your birth date, birth time (if you don't have this I can still make an astrological chart for you) and where you were born.

Heart offering $100/hr.
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5 Days

and 10 Days


You have completed 40Days.
It's been a while and though we talked about this, sometimes threads appear that need grooming or removing. It is the fine touch that keeps your intention clean and on track.  Like  40 days, first thing in the morning, we will talk and reconnect you to that deep knowing that lay beneath the surface of your life.  You've done 40days, you know where we are going and what we are going to do there :)

Heart Offering
5 Days $250 Cdn.
10 Days $400 Cdn.
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