the I Am series


I Am that I Am.


"I Am" is one simple and perfect statement that declares the unification of Self, the Universe and All that is Divine.  We humans see ourselves differently from the rest of life, and we have longed for insights into what being Divine would look and feel like. The ancient Greeks, famous for exploring self and the world around them revealed four key elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth in hopes of revealing insights within those explorations.  We now know that they weren't the only ones to embrace the elements in that way. Each society found ways that explains how these elements provide building blocks to appreciate the world around us.

The I AM series is a Spiritual and Tactile way to explore the world around you . Each element will be celebrated in a multi-day retreat that reveals the inner workings of that element. It is shared in such a moving and memorable way,  that your personal connection with the world around you will reach beyond what you are seeing now. It may even remind you what you have already known, what you have forgotten. Whether you experience one element or all four, the interconnectedness of all life will move from mere consideration, to a tangible and life changing understanding of what is around you. You will be encouraged and supported to move beyond simply seeing and judging life, into observing life simply and celebrating its diversity. You will never see these elements the same way again.

I am so excited to be able to finally share this series. I have dedicated over 4 years of meditation, and woven in a life of outdoor experiences, to help see how it will unfold. It is great to finally be able to share it with you. Each element will have group dates (T.B.A.),  and for those interested in one to one or small group experiences I can easily arrange it with you as well. 

Oh and yes, you are right, there is a fifth element.
Once participants have completed the main four, the fifth will be available, with a launch date of 2021.



From tales of Shiva's Fire Dance to creation stories the world over, FIRE is the result of the
inspirational spark. This four day event invites you to become up close and personal with
the Creational and Cleansing energy of FIRE. How can one know their twin flame and be a
stranger to the flame itself?  Come to know you, and know your inner flame.  This inspirational
event answers  "What is FIRE?" and "Why is it so important to me?"



Limitless, vast and wondrous. While often difficult to see, AIR reveals itself to you in the most magical
ways. It fuels your life spark and shows you all that you are and all you can be.  This four day event connects you with the life force of Prana and the realm of infinite possibilities. Take a deep breath
and prepare yourself for some excitement.




WATER is the life blood of Mother Earth. WATER speaks of our emotions, and in its swirling eddies reveals the actions of time. Deep, calm or bubbling it is always in transition and because all air has water, it also represents our air visions manifested here in the physical. In this four day event WATER shares with us how we flow in this world, it makes sense of why we do what we do.


Here we exist, we are the guests and anything we could want is offered to us.  Everything now starts to make sense. All we are physically, every atom, every cell is a gift from Mother Earth and because we can feel this, we release entitlement and joyfully step into Heartfelt Gratitude. We rest, sitting in Peace with our Mother.