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Sacred Sound Mark Daniel and Debbie Danbrook

I am looking forward to returning again to Esther Myers Yoga and sharing sound with Debrina. I have missed the perfectly timed trains that pass by. While Yoga Shala has been here since 1979 it is more about Ms. Myers that calls to me. In honour of Ms. Myers and her bout with breast cancer, this Ceremony is a little more special as my mother has just be given nod from her Doctor that the cancer is gone. This would be the second time my mother has had breast cancer (the first in her early 40's and now at 80).  Esther Myers was committed to honest inquiry and she challenged her students to explore and understand the practice of yoga within each individual’s body.

Esther developed a therapeutic yoga program for breast cancer survivors, which continues to run at the Marvel Koffler Centre in Toronto. Her video, Gentle Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors, has been distributed internationally, as have her books and her video on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. My Mother lives quietly by herself yet does Yoga, Tai Chi and Line Dancing. I am sure you can see why this is special.

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