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Laughter in the Water

The time has come for us to again laugh with our aquatic cousins. Are you ready?

Whether your first dolphin adventure, or one of many, the song of the dolphins is calling.

Our days begin with a beach side celebration to honour the sun, water and dolphins. Excitement builds as we board the 41’ catamaran, DolphinQuest, to greet Spotted and Bottle Nose dolphins. When we meet them it’s in their home, on their terms. This is why time and again the trip has proven to be an incredible life-moving experience.

As per usual, Singing Bowls will be a part of this adventure. The song of the Bowls invites each person into a relaxed state, even those without meditation practice. So, when the song of the Dolphins meets the song of the Bowls, a loving dance unfolds.

In our 6 days together, we’ll partake in 5 days on the water, 3 evening ceremonies, 5 morning ceremonies, one night out at a local restaurant for dinner and dancing, snorkelling reefs, swimming the famed Bimini Road of Atlantis, and of course dancing with the Dolphins. This is a trip sure to delight.

Also leading this trip is Chris Woods. She is an internationally accredited Life Coach, specializing in helping people see a new way of being for themselves. By applying what she’s learned through the Tree of Life, studying with a medicine man, Enneagram, and Reiki, she helps others to see a life potential beyond what most could have previously imagined. Spending time with her brings a feeling of groundedness. There is support here for you on your journey.

Chris is also the founder of Feeling Groovy Life Coaching, and is also a partner in WayFinding World Journeys, offering retreats to exotic locations.

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