Modern Day Monk
From something offered in the last Mailout my dear friend Diane Littlejohns and I were able to share an exploratory conversation about what my videos and blogs have been about. I can tell you there was a plan and direction woven within them.  Yes, climbing the lower Sephora in the Tree of Life was involved. Yes, how to view the world through the lens of 40days was another avenue. Ultimately though I have been exploring about being a Monk and being part of the 3D world. My explorations have naturally revealed obstacles, so Yes, I was really struggling. However, being on a path offers direction and one must keep going. It's actually very exciting.
Many Blessings,

Relating to Emapthic People, Cost Rica
Nature is always amazing at showing us how to approach others. Notice how this plant responds to kind touch and then something a little more direct. Then consider those people in your life that, because

Inner Garden Costa Rica
Each of us has our own Inner Garden. This short video is the reminder that
with structure and teachings that support meditation each of us are able to stop time and see the beauty in the word.
(headphones are helpful :) )

Costa Rica.
Finally made it to Playa Hermosa. In the on going story of life. Problems present themselves and even though on the surface they may seem important, when centered within everything always works out in the end. For the record, though I went for swim, it wasn't in the rip tide area.

Number 2 in a sequence about life mirroring intentions. Arrived in Costa Rica and life shifts again.
Click the Picture to link you to the Video

Click the Picture to link you to the Video

Kelowna Aug. 2018

This clip is the beginning of my Video Blogs. Every week or two I will be sharing a story of where we've been, where I am and how my life is reflecting my intentions moving forward. This is an exploration of how my past insights can affect my future choices, especially when I am passionate (positively or less than masterfully),  in some way. My thoughts about yesterday and today shape my tomorrow and if today feels limited in some way where am I now making choices that support my upgraded future,?  For the future is, as we know, something that will happen very shortly.

Life can be full of promises and compromises to loved ones, family members and employers. The lure of normalcy often asks us to bridge between who we presently are who we truly know we are.  We've come too far to ignore our teachings. It's time to set self free. I have devoted 20 years or more in service and now and is the time for a conscious decision to live my life in alignment of the man I know I can be.  This path invites me to explore new dimensions and places within, coupled earthly locations I've longed to see . If the future is like the past it promised to be quite a ride.